Dear Readers,
 I would like to use this platform to share something very special with you - The award winning story books of Yajat Gupta, My son!.He authored three books all of them won him a prize by the upper merion Library.The original books are now part of the library for all to enjoy.
   Publisher  : King of Prussia, PA : Upper Merion Township Library 
Author / Illustrator : Yajat Gupta
    1. Tittle : I Wonder  
          Published Year : 2009        Summary : The author shares
        "what-if" thoughts with the reader
      Recognition : Honorable Mention 
        Kindergarten - Trinity Kindergarten.
    2.  Tittle : Mystery of the moon
         Published Year: 2010
         Summary:The author wonders about the
         moon and asks questions about it.
         Recognition : Honorable Mention         
         Kindergarten  Roberts School.
    3. Tittle : You are not a robot
        Published Year : 2011
       Summary : A boy meets two other
       boys, Thick and thin, in the park;
       they try to bully him into doing bad
       things.Can the boy think for himself
       and stand up to the bullies?
       Recognition : Honorable Mention -       First Grade -  Roberts School. 
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